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After the Affair, Wylder Anne Marie
After the Affair A Novella Bestseller
26,70 zł 25,40 zł
In the Empire of Shadow, Watt-Evans Lawrence

Love runs forever until it makes a left turn. A once unwed pregnant teenager, Sara Decker has worked hard to achieve success in sunny Southern ... więcej

A handful of ordinary Americans -- housewives, lawyers, interior decorators, and the like -- found themselves caught up in a transdimensional conflict ... więcej

The Little Booklet on Design Thinking, Hestad Monika
The Reign of the Brown Magician, Watt-Evans Lawrence

The Little Booklet on Design Thinking: an Introductory Workshop gives a short introduction to design thinking. Design thinking has been recognised as a ... więcej

The dark force known as Shadow had been defeated, but its world-spanning web of power had survived. This incredible magical weapon was now held not by ... więcej

Manhattan Transfer, Dos Passos John Roderigo
Pride and Prejudice (Wisehouse Classics - with Illustrations by H.M. Brock), Austen Jane

PRIDE AND PREJUDICE is a novel of manners by Jane Austen, first published in 1813. The story follows the main character, Elizabeth Bennet, as she deals ... więcej

Adventures with Big Fish - Big Game Fishing and Whaling, Wood Walter
The Practice and Science of Drawing (Classic Reprint), Speed Harold

Originally published in the 1920s. Many exciting true tales of fishing for giant fish of rivers and sea.Contents Include: Whaling Queer Fish Sharking Salmon ... więcej

Excerpt from The Practice and Science of Drawing The best things in an artist's work are so much a matter of intuition, that there is much to be said ... więcej

Tumors of the Nervus Acusticus, and the Syndrome of the Cerebellopontile Angle (Classic Reprint), Cushing Harvey
The Geology of Yellowstone, Nurre Patrick

Excerpt from Tumors of the Nervus Acusticus, and the Syndrome of the Cerebellopontile Angle Hesitation was felt in regard to the inclusion in the series ... więcej

The Geology of Yellowstone - A Biblical Guide is your key to understanding our first national park. Yellowstone is an amazing place to start your journey ... więcej

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