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Sexual Violence in Higher Institute, Wolde Miheretab
Lords Lyndhurst, Brougham, and Local Courts, Author Unknown

Sexual violence is an act which against a person's sexuality. The problem is not limited to a continent, country, region, city, or higher institutions ... więcej

Excerpt from Lords Lyndhurst, Brougham, and Local Courts: Reprinted From Blackwoods's Magazine, With Corrections and Additions Lord Brougham has contrived ... więcej

Emergency Unemployment Compensation, Resources United States; Congress; Hous
Embracing Their Sexuality, Okusko Jaimie D.

Excerpt from Emergency Unemployment Compensation: Hearing Before the Subcommittee on Human Resources of the Committee on Ways and Means, House of Representatives ... więcej

Gloria Naylor's Bailey's Café gives a complex picture of the historically limited choices of identity black women have faced. Each character depicts ... więcej

Spatio-temporal Characteristics of Spray from Liquid Jet in Crossflow, Thawley Scott
First Annual Report of the State Oil and Gas Supervisor of California for the Fiscal Year 1915-16, McLaughlin Roy Parmelee

A liquid jet in a crossflow is often used to as a fuel injection method for combustion systems. Parameters such as penetration and core trajectory are ... więcej

Excerpt from First Annual Report of the State Oil and Gas Supervisor of California for the Fiscal Year 1915-16: Covering Operations of the Department of ... więcej

Simulation and image analysis of corrosion initiation and growth rate, Fang Yan
Trade Unionism (Classic Reprint), Slesser Henry H.

Corrosion initiation and growth rate are important properties in maintaining structural integrity, especially for surface and pit corrosion of common infrastructure ... więcej

Excerpt from Trade Unionism This book is written as a critical essay on a subject with which the author has an intimate personal sympathy and experience. ... więcej

The Law of the Rhythmic Breath, Fletcher Ella Adelia
Verses and Translations (Classic Reprint), Wood Ann Maria Michell

Excerpt from The Law of the Rhythmic Breath: Teaching the Generation, Conservation, and Control of Vital Force Breath IS life of every atom of its pro ... więcej

Excerpt from Verses and Translations As lone I pace in twilight's quiet gloom This lofty chamber ceiled with sculptured flowers, Memory recurs to ... więcej

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