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Brand Dubai, Omar Trimeche
Select Exercises for Young Proficients in the Mathematicks, Simpson Thomas

This book explores destination branding while stressing the need for an integrative approach through the examination of the cases of Dubai and Abu-Dhabi. ... więcej

Excerpt from Select Exercises for Young Proficients in the Mathematicks: Containing I. A Great Variety of Algebraical Problems With Their Solutions; II. ... więcej

The Xeno Project & Xeno Stars Shallow Promises, Black Cal
Catalogi Veteres Librorum Ecclesi? Cathedralis Dunelm, Library Durham Cathedral

Animal to human transplants are dangerous and this deeply researched book will prove it. Our future generations of children will be a new species of part ... więcej

Excerpt from Catalogi Veteres Librorum Ecclesiæ Cathedralis Dunelm: Catalogues of the Library of Durham Cathedral, at Various Periods, From the Conquest ... więcej

A Voyage to the Fortunate Isles, Etc (Classic Reprint), Piatt Mrs. S. M. B.
Hiawassee - Child of the Meadow, Rapp Doris Gaines

Excerpt from A Voyage to the Fortunate Isles, Etc A Butterfly's Message, Leaving Love, The Black Princess, One Poet's Silence, Her Simile, A Prettier ... więcej

An historic novel, Hiawassee - Child of the Meadow by Doris Gaines Rapp, is written for middle-school and all ages. Hiawassee learned balance from the ... więcej

Escaping the Box, Benz Nathaniel
Inviting Muslims To Christ, Ireland Randall L

The second collection of the funniest cartoons by Nathaniel S. Benz.

The purpose of this book is to provide a clear presentation of the Plan of Salvation for both Christianity and Islam. The statements of faith that were ... więcej

Belvidere Illustrated, Illinois Belvidere
Angels Looking Through, Lambillion Paul

Excerpt from Belvidere Illustrated: Historical, Descriptive and Biographical Belvidere in 1896. These few words briefly indicate the purpose kept ... więcej

People want to believe that when a loved one dies we remain connected through a universal system of love, knowledge and guidance. Paul Lambillion gives ... więcej

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