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Natura Morta, Winkler Josef
Plays with Films, Foreman Richard

White peaches, red broom, pomegranates tumbling down the escalator steps: with these delicately rendered details, Josef Winkler's Natura Morta begins. ... więcej

Plays with Films brings together texts of the final three productions of Richard Foreman’s Ontological-Hysteric Theater at St. Mark’s Church-in-the-Bowery: ... więcej

The Transformation Book, Pessoa Fernando
Marginalia on Casanova, Szentkuthy Mikl S.

The Transformation Book, which belongs to Pessoa's pre-heteronymic period, contains a series of fragments written in English, Portuguese, and French, none ... więcej

Marginalia on Casanova, the first volume of the St. Orpheus Breviary, is Miklos Szentkuthy's synthesis of 2,000 years of European culture. St. Orpheus ... więcej

A Voice Full of Cities, Kelly Robert
Prae, Vol. 1, Szentkuthy Miklos

It is no exaggeration to suggest that Robert Kelly may well be America's most prolific poet, and certainly one of the most singular and ceaselessly innovative ... więcej

Considered an eerie attack on realism, when first published in 1934, Miklós Szentkuthy's debut novel Prae so astonished Hungarian critics that many ... więcej

Towards the One and Only Metaphor, Szentkuthy Miklos
67,20 zł 63,80 zł

Unique in Hungarian literature, at the time of its first appearance in 1935, Towards the One & Only Metaphor was greeted with plaudits by such leading ... więcej

Composed over 2,500 years, lost in the deserts of Iraq for 2,000 more, Gilgamesh presents a palimpsest of ancient Middle Eastern cultic and courtly lyrics ... więcej

Fragments, Wordsworth William
Making a Film, Fellini Federico

Featuring an extended introduction by scholar of British Romanticism, Alan Vardy, Fragments consists of Wordsworth's philosophico-aesthetic prose fragment ... więcej

Italian filmmaker Federico Fellini (1920-1993) is one of the most renowned figures in world cinema. Director of a long list of critically acclaimed motion ... więcej

When the Time Comes, Winkler Josef
Self-Shadowing Prey, Luca Gherasim

In the years before the Second World War, a man throws a statue of the crucified Christ over a waterfall. Later, in Hitler's trenches, he loses his arms ... więcej

Self-Shadowing Prey, one of the final texts by the Romanian poet Ghérasim Luca (1913-1994), is clearly constructed around the sought complications ... więcej

Writings on Cinema and Life, Petri Elio
Greek Music Drama, Nietzsche Friedrich Wilhelm

Italian writer/director Elio Petri (1929-1982) is of the cinematic era of Pasolini, Bertolucci, and Bellocchio, and although he is recognized by film scholars ... więcej

"The Greek Music Drama" marks an intriguing moment in the development of Nietzsche's thought. Delivered in 1870 at the Basel Museum, it was the first ... więcej

Ladder of Oaths, Del Serra Maura
Philosophical Essays, Pessoa Fernando

Maura Del Serra is a poet, playwright, translator, and essayist whose work is highly regarded in Italy and Europe where it has garnered numerous ... więcej

Fernando Pessoa claimed to be inhabited by “thousands of philosophies,” all of which he intended to develop in his unfinished project of English-language ... więcej

Negative Capability, Bate Walter Jackson
The Abdication, Hanshe Rainer J.

Walter Jackson Bate's canonical 1939 study of Keats's concept of negative capability is a genealogical treatise that unearths the socio-political, aesthetic ... więcej

Spring 2032: an enigmatic bandleader named Triboulet arrives by helicopter in Rome, where his troupe awaits with a legion of animals and unruly kids. When ... więcej

The Divine Mimesis, Pasolini Pier Paolo
The Selected Poetry of Emilio Villa, Villa Emilio

Written between 1963 and 1967, The Divine Mimesis, Pasolini's imitation of the early cantos of the Inferno, offers a searing critique of Italian society ... więcej

While Emilio Villa (1914-2003) was referred to as Zeus because of his greatness and Rabelais because of his mental voracity, for decades his work remained ... więcej

Eternity by the Stars, Blanqui Louis-Auguste
Our Street, Tar Sandor

In a century replete with radical politics, final liberations, historical codas, and dreams of eternity, the shadowy figure of Louis-Auguste Blanqui, the ... więcej

Our Street, Sándor Tar's fifth book, is comprised of thirty-one stories centered on the inhabitants of Crooked Street, the tail end of a small village ... więcej



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