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Use Your Brain Raise Your Game, Bowden Mark
The 80/20 Makeover, Donnelly Sue

What sets the very best footballers apart from the rest? It’s not about ability but about being able to perform at your peak level consistently. ... więcej

The 80/20 Principle states that 80 percent of your results come from just 20 percent of your actions. Guided by this rule, acclaimed image consultant Sue ... więcej

From Good to Amazing - No Bullshit Tips for the Life You Always Wanted, Serwa Michael
I Am Satan, Hawken Tim

Take a comfortable seat in Michael's lounge, a cup of tea in your hand, and let him share with you his top tips from across the range of personal development ... więcej

"My torment is that she is trapped while he is free. It is the worst torture imaginable. I care not for myself, or my own wellbeing, only hers. I will ... więcej

Rhetorica, Keyser Scott
The Gospel of Atheism and Freethought - According to Sherlock, Sherlock Michael

n. the art of persuasive writing techniques. Words can inspire, excite, anger, disgust, seduce, hurt, heal, arouse, enrich, connect . Words express ... więcej

The Gospel of Atheism and Freethought - According to Sherlock turns blasphemy into an art form. None of the major religions are safe from Sherlock's unrelenting ... więcej

Marketing to Win, Biggs Jacqueline
First, Know What You Want - Why Goals Don't Work and How to Make Them, Halfacre Andrew

This book will save you time, money and effort Consider it a shortcut that will help you to avoid the costly mistakes that are an unfortunate rite of ... więcej

95% of people do not know what they want and nearly all of them wish they did... First, Know What You Want is a hard hitting guide to knowing your own ... więcej

The 30/30 Body Blueprint, Drummond Tim
A Marvellous Reputation, Matthews Lucy

The 30/30 Body Blueprint is a fitness lifestyle plan for busy women who want to transform their health, body and life; women who are ready to give up on ... więcej

Lucy Matthews is widely regarded as the UK entrepreneur's PR expert. She has been a PR consultant for over 35 years, helping thousands of entrepreneurs ... więcej

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